Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fin de Curso. ¡Felices Vacaciones!

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Bueno, ha llegado el final del curso. Tanto si las cosas han ido bien como si no, nos merecemos todos una vacaciones. Algunos tendréis que repasar un poco para los exámenes de septiembre -¿quién no ha tenido alguna vez que retroceder para tomar carrerilla y saltar un obstáculo que otros parecían saltar sin esfuerzo?

Well, school year is over now. Whether we have done well or not, we all deserve these holidays. Some of you will have to do a little reviewing for September exams: don't worry. Who has never had to step back to take a run up and jump an obstacle that others seemed to jump effortlessly?

Así es que, descansad, leed, jugad y disfrutad de vuestros amigos para volver con ganas. Durante este tiempo este blog estará también de vacaciones aunque, lo que lo necesitéis podéis volver a ella para practicar o repasar.

So, rest, read, play, have fun with your friends so as to come back ready for a new school year. Meanwhile this blog will be on vacation too, although you can browse these pages if you need to refresh some topics.

Felices vacaciones a todos y... nos vemos aquí en septiembre.
Have nice holidays and... see you here in September.

Monday, 11 June 2012

¿En qué escalón te sitúas?

This week Finals keep on pouring on us, the University Access tests start tomorrow... Well, which step are you on?

Los exámenes finales siguen esta semana, la Selectividad empieza mañana... Bueno, ¿en que escalón te sitúas?

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Best luck.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Weekly Links 1º ESO —15

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Let's review for your Finals:
Exercise 1    Exercise 2
  • DATE
Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3
Exercise 1    Exercise 2
Exercise 1    Exercise 2
Exercise 1    Exercise 2
Exercise 1    Exercise 2
Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3    Exercise 4

An now a short episode to practice listening the dates: they say the date in the American way. For example 'June 24th', they say 'June twenty-fourth' instead of 'June THE twenty-fourth (the British way).


Weekly Links 2º ESO —15

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Reviewing for Finals:
Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3

Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3

Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3


Weekly Links 4º ESO —15

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Reviewing time for Finals:

Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3    Exercise 4

Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3

Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3    Exercise 4


Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3    Exercise 4  (Have causative)


Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3

Exercise 1    Exercise 2    Exercise 3

If you want to try some rephrasing mix go to Bon's tips

You can also try to learn by setting the topic to music as Ted Danson does in this episode of Cheers.


Weekly Links 2º BACH —14

As we are close to Selectividad Test, you can review verbs tenses and these tricky verbs that can change their meaning if they are followed either by gerund or infinitive.

You can also review a bit more other topics browsing the other entries in the blog.

Remember: Stop stressing. Think positive. Relax.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

El sandwich más grande del mundo

meatiest sandwich in the world
image credit
Here is the world's meatiest sandwich made by chef Tristan Welch in honor of the British launch of Man vs Food Nation, a food reality television series . It has 40 layers of meat, weighs 13 kilos and is over a foot tall.  Here's the video and the list of ingredients:

Aquí está el bocadillo más "cárnico" del mundo hecho por el chef Tristán Welch para la puesta en marcha de la edición británica de una serie de televisión americana sobre comida, Man vs Food. Este sandwich está comuesto por 40 capas de carne, pesa 13 kilos y tiene un grosor de más de 30,48 cm. Aquí va el video y la lista de ingredientes:

120g Ndjua   
260g roast beef
120g boiled ham
160g Proscuitto
150g honey-roast ham
 90g cooked turkey
155g cooked chicken
155g garlic chicken
180g smoked duck breast
120g cooked pork
120g roast ham
280g corned beef
150g German salami
150g Italian sausage
240g cured ham
 80g French peppercorn salami
 70g Saucisson Sec de Provence
 70g herbed Saucisson Sec de Provence
360g chorizo
 70g serrano ham
 80g pastrami
140g pancetta
150g bacon
 70g garlic salami
 70g Italian salami
 80g dry-cured Proscuitto
380g Bratwurst sausage
150g breaded ham
100g Mortadella
100g Speck
150g Parma ham
 65g Jambon Iberico de Bellota
140g Finocchiona
 70g wild boar pork salami
100g smoked venison
250g beetroot, sliced
110g assorted salad leaves
680g gherkins, sliced
   1 large red onion, sliced into rings   
   1 large loaf of bread

Don't get indigestion!