Friday, 31 January 2014

Weekly Links 2º ESO —52

This week, an easy explanation on subject and object pronouns.

This week we read a text about gold. Here is a video with 10 things you probably don't know about this metal.

Esta semana hemos leído un texto sobre el oro. Aquí tenéis un vídeo sobre 10 cosas que probablemente no sabéis de este metal.

Have a nice weekend.
Buen fin de semana.

Weekly Links 4º ESO —52

First, our weekly episode of phrasal verbs series, Lesson 5.

pick up (recoger) - drop off (dejar) - set off (salir de viaje) - hurry up (darse prisa) - hold up (quedarse atrapado) - speed up (acelerar) - slow down (ir más despacio) - crack down on (tomar medidas enérgicas contra) - run out of  (quedarse sin)

And an explanation with examples of impessonal passive sentences "it is said that...".

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 2º BACH —50

As you weekly essay topic is "Describe your favourite holidays – beach, mountain or both.", I have found this video about an American talking about the five things he loves and the five things he hates about Spain. Interesting. Do you agree with him?

Have a nice weekend.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Weekly Links 2º ESO —51

This week, an easy explanation for the order of adjectives.

By the way, remember how computer animation looks like?
A propósito, ¿os acordáis cómo se hacen los dibujos por ordenador?

Have a nice weekend.
Buen fin de semana.

Weekly Links 4º ESO —51

First, this week episode of Phrasal Verbs series, Lesson 4.

And, as we are studying the Passive Voice, here are some examples in scenes from TV shows.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 2º BACH —49

For your weekly essay, "Advantages and disadvantages of using the new technologies", I think this video is quite interesting and it can help you.

Have a nice weekend.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Weekly Links 2º ESO —50

This week we have been talking about how lucky we must feel for coming to school the way we do. In the world, some children are not so lucky.
But, as we are reminded that Nelson Mandela once said: "Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world."

Hemos estado hablando esta semana de la suerte que tenemos de venir al colegio como lo hacemos. En el mundo hay niños que no tienen tanta suerte. Pero como nos recuerdan que Nelson Mandela decía: "La educación es el arma más poderosa para cambiar el mundo."

Un vistazo a "Trayectos hacia el colegio" alrededor del mundo.

Have a nice weekend.
Buen fin de semana.

Weekly Links 4º ESO —50

Keeping on with the phrasal verbs series, here is Lesson 3. 

And now the video we have watched this week to practise conditional clauses: Benjamin Button collision course, with subtitles.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 2º BACH —48

This week essay: "Drinking alcohol may be the cause of many problems. Why?" 
In this video, Matt Damon introduces some people who tell us their true stories.

Matt Damon: Hi I'm Matt Damon. I know that sometimes it seems like everyone drinks alcohol, in movies, on TV, at parties, even at school. And there are a lot of different reasons people drink. I'm going to introduce you to four young people -- Robert, Dana, Megan and Ilton, who'll tell you the truth about how alcohol's affected their lives. One summer night after drinking a few beers Robert headed to a party in his dad's car. He says he'd had just enough beer to feel good...

Robert: It was one of those nights you know when you're on top of the world, nothing can happen to you, you don't care. Uh, You know, uh, I thought that I was bulletproof, I felt I was unstoppable. I certainly wish that I hadn't done it but I need to accept that, I need to move on, I need to feel normal.

Dana: You're watching everybody else drink and you're just trying so hard not to drink. One day when I'm older and I'm successful and I have all the things that I feel as though I need and want, I just know that I'll look back and say well I stood my ground and I respected myself. I would tell other kids, you just got to have that strength and just to not do what everybody else is doing... just because everybody else is doing it.

Megan: Alcohol was a way that I used to impress people.

Matt Damon: Then one night something horrible happened. Megan got drunk at a party and a guy she'd never met before offered to help.

Megan: The next day I was sent to a counselor. Basically I was an alcoholic is what she said.

Ilton: I don't drink alcohol and I don't need it because I feel like it's a magnet you know you either get into a fight, you're stabbed shot or arrested, anything can happen. You end up doing things that you don't like doing or you end up regretting something that you, that can affect your whole life.

Matt Damon: I hope you'll think about what they've had to say. And be honest with yourself. Ask yourself a couple questions. Am I risking hurting somebody I love? Am I risking hurting myself?

Have a nice weekend.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Weekly Links 2º ESO —49

Welcome back and the best for 2014.
This week we have been reviewing Conditional type 2 with this video. Listen to it and pay attention to how they pronounce the contracted form of "would".

And, as we talked this morning about the talent needed to sculpt an action figure, here is an artist at work.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 4º ESO —49

Wish you a very happy and rocking 2014. Welcome back to school.

Here is Phrasal Verbs - Lesson 2  (lesson 1 is in this post) to keep on practising with phrasal verbs in daily conversation.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 2º BACH —47

Welcome back to school. I wish you all a very happy and successful 2014.
This week essay is: "Can men and women do the same jobs?".
In this video, A Woman in a Man's job', Katherine talks about the issues of being a carpenter. What do you think?

Have a nice weekend.