Friday, 25 September 2015

Weekly Links 1º ESO #57

classroom rules poster

Now that we have introduced ourselves, let's remember The Rules of the Classroom with this song while we practise our listening, reading, and pronunciation.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 2º ESO #82

present simple or progressive wordle

We are going to start working with the difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous or Present Progressive.
To revise, here is a clear explanation.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 3º ESO Diversificación #2

square watermelon

Let's keep on working on our project.
This week we have created our class blog but now we have to personalise it. To give you some ideas here are some suggestions.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 3º ESO #2

mother and baby camel

Something light and fun: let's learn a bit of vocabulary, Can you name the baby animal?
How many of them did you alfready know?

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 4º ESO #82

boring-bored board
Just to remind you how to use -ed and -ing endings with adjectives correctly.
Tip: Adjectives ending in -ing talk about the CAUSE, while adjectives ending in -ed tell the EFFECT.
Example: If something or someone is boring/interesting/embarrassing, you will feel bored/interested/embarrassed. For Spanish student the difference is between "ser + adjetivo" (be + adjective+-ing) and "estar + adjetivo" (be + adjective + ed).
Here are more examples.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 2º BACH #78

collocation wordle
This week we talked about collocations so here are two videos on how to use some of the most common ones, especially if you intend to study for a FCE (First Certificate in English) —B2 level in the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the level you are supposed to reach at the end of this year.

Have a nice weekend.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Weekly Links 4º ESO #81

Anglophenia is a blog of BBC America featuring news, interviews, videos, images, premiere information and trailers on British pop culture for an American audience.
It's very entertaining and a very good way for us to practice listening and reading. For example, in this episode we can find out Why Brits and Americans refer to clothes by different names.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 3º ESO #1

To start our new school year, let's watch this video about the Top 30 Common mistakes in English non native people make especially when they start speaking English.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 3º ESO Diversificación #1

As we intend to make a class blog, let's this video show us how to start.

Puesto que tenemos la intención de hacer un blog de clase, veamos este video que nos muestra cómo empezar.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 2º ESO #81

Here is a fun way of learning irregular verbs, singing a rap song.
You can even make up your own song.

Have a nice weekend.

Weekly Links 1º ESO #56

As we are starting a new school year, let's have a look at schools in Great Britain.
Watch the video a few times to practise listening and reading.

Have a nice weekend.