Thursday, 26 March 2015

Happy Easter Holiday / Feliz Semana Santa

Happy Easter-Feliz Semana Santa photo Hasppy-Easter_zpsuv6erjtm.gif


Easter Bunny,
Looking kind of funny
With your basket of eggs.

Children singing,
'What's the bunny bringing
For me on Easter Day?"

Mom is cooking
While we're out there looking
For the eggs hidden away.

After church we
Gathered 'round with family
On this Easter Day.

Two thousand years ago
Jesus died for our sins.
Remember his resurrection,
And the joy it brings.

Flowers blooming,
Springtime's looming,
Everything is coming alive.

Easter colors,
Yellow, blue and others,
Tell us Spring has arrived.

Children are playing,
And everybody's saying
"So good to see you today!"

We're all together,
The merrier the better,
On this Easter holiday.

Two thousand years ago
Jesus died for our sins.
Remember his resurrection
And the joy it brings.

Flowers are blooming
and Springtime's looming
Oh what a wonderful day.

We're all together,
The more of us the better,
On this Easter holiday,
A lovely Easter holiday,
I like my Easter holiday.

Have a great holiday .

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Weekly Links 1º ESO —54

With this video you can review asking for and giving directions and practise your pronunciation, intonation and listening, as well. If you want more videos about this topic, go to this page .

Con este vídeo puedes repasar preguntar e indicar direcciones, y también practicar la pronunciación, la entonación y el escuchar. Si quieres más vídeos sobre este tema ve a esta página.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Weekly Links 2º ESO —78


We are working on the order of adjectives. Here is a video to review the lesson.
As I told you, this order may change slightly (size-shape-age or size-age-shape), but the order we have learned is the most common.