Saturday, 26 April 2014

Weekly Links 2º ESO —58

Gru and his daughters: Margot, Agnes and Edith (image)

We can learn while enjoying ourselves. Let's watch this scene with Despicable Me characters: Agnes, Margot and Edith Gru and their father. Watch, listen, read and enjoy.

Podemos aprender divirtiéndonos. Veamos esta escena con los personajes de Gru, mi villano favorito. Mira, escucha, lee y disfruta.


Agnes: Look at that fluffy unicorn! It's so fluffy I'm gonna [going to] die!
Margot: You've got to let us play for it.
Gru: No, no, no.
Agnes: Come on!
Gru: How much for the fluffy unicorn?
Carnival Barker: Well it is not for sale, but all you've got to do to win it is to knock down that little spaceship there. Ha! It's easy!

Agnes: Again!
Margot: Wait!
Edith: Come on! One more time! I accidenteally poke my eye.
Agnes: Please, one more.

Agnes: I got it! Edith: Cool!
Gru: Well, oh, oh, oh. What was that? She hit that. I saw that with my own eyes.
Carnival Barker: Eh, buddy. Let me explain something to you. You see that little tin spaceship? You see how it's not knocked over? Do you know what that means, professor? It means you don't get the unicorn. whao, oh, oh,so much the guy got a frowny face. Oh, better knock next time.
Gru: Okay. My turn.

Gru:  Knocked over!
Agnes: It's so fluffy!!!
Margot: That was awsome.
Edith: You blew out the whole thing!
Agnes: Let's go and try another game!

Have a nice weekend.
Buen fin de semana.

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